The English Department strengthens the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.


We seek to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our students. To this end we will provide students in all emphasis areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choices. We will teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We will teach students to speak, read, and write effectively. We will encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned. We will encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for a liberal education.

Aims and Objectives

(A)  to communicate effectively and appropriately in real-life situation.

(B)   to use English effectively for study purpose across the curriculum.

(C)  to develop and integrate the use of the four language skills i.e. Reading,  Listening, Speaking, Writing.

(D)   to develop interest in and appreciation of Literature.

(E)   to revise and reinforce structure already learnt.

(F)  to develop an interest in the appreciation of Literature.

(G) Students should be encouraged to think on their own and form their ideas using their experience, knowledge and Imagination than being text or teacher dependent.

The objectives of the Department of English are closely related to those of the University as a whole, but also reflect the special nature of our discipline and our commitment to literature, language, and the arts. Our commitment to the quality of education that we offer is reflected in our determination to maintain a relatively low student/teacher ratio and to give our students the benefit of direct contact with scholars in the field.

Exam Method

(Semester System)

Evaluation as per the pattern prescribed by CBCS

 Formative Evaluation

-Seminar: 05 Marks
-Assignments/Term-papers: 10  Marks

 Summative Evaluation

-Internal Evaluation Tests (30%)
-External Exam (University Exam 70%)

Result from 2015 to 2018

Department of English

B. A. Sem. 1 B. A. Sem. 2
Year of Exam Result in % Year of Exam Result in %
October-December 2015 40.38 March –June 2015 56.89
October-December 2016 40.42 March –June 2016 89.42
October-December 2017 33.62 March –June 2017 70.10
October-December 2018 82.82 March –June 2018 70.70
B. A. Sem. 3 B. A. Sem. 4
Year of Exam Result in % Year of Exam Result in %
October-December 2015 59.66 March –June 2015 71.32
October-December 2016 27.55 March –June 2016 31.03
October-December 2017 35.80 March –June 2017 60.22
October-December 2018 69.76 March –June 2018 69.86
B. A. Sem. 5 B. A Sem. 6
Year of Exam Result in % Year of Exam Result in %
October-December 2015 52.00 March –June 2015 90.83
October-December 2016 49.85 March –June 2016 58.46
October-December 2017 52.22 March –June 2017 49
October-December 2018 92.86 March –June 2018 74.12


The following activities are done every year:

  • Prize Distribution and Fresher’s Welcome
    • Orientation Course for new entrants
    • Book Exhibitionfor Students of Core English exhibiting all textbooks, reference books, all study material and important websites
    An Essay Competition for students to develop the writing skills
     A Debate / Elocution Competition for development of oratory skills among students
     A Poetry Reading/ Recitation Competition
    • A Literary Quiz Competition
     An Academic Tour once a year for the development of community life and environment awareness among students
     Lectures by Experts in English and BISAG / SANDHAN lectures for students
     SCOPE Training for English improvement and testing by Cambridge University
     Teacher’s Day Celebration
Semester Paper No. Paper Name
BA Sem. I FC 103 Text: Fantasy [ Lesson No: 1 to 5 ] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 101 Introduction to English Literature
  CC 102 Introduction to Poetry
BA Sem. II FC 203 Text: Fantasy [ Lesson No: 6 to 10 ] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 201 Introduction to the Age of Shakespeare & Jacobean Age
  CC 202 Introduction to Literary Forms
BA Sem. III FC 303 Text: Glimpses of Life [ Lesson No: 3 to 7 ] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 303 British Fiction
  CC 304 Literature in English Drama – Comedy
  CC 305 Foundation Course in literary Criticism
BA Sem. IV FC 403 Text: Glimpses of Life [ Lesson No: 8 to 12 ] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 403 Indo-Anglican Fiction
  CC 404 Literature in English Drama – Tragedy
  CC 405 Literary Criticism and Rhetoric
BA Sem. V FC 503 Text: The Joy of Reading [Lesson No: 1,5,6; Poem No: 11,12,13] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 506 Social History of England & America
  CC 507 Introduction to Restoration Age & Age of Pope
  CC 508 Indian Writing in English (Poetry-Drama)
  CC 509 Introduction to American Literature
  CC 510 History of English Language
BA Sem. VI FC 603 Text: The Joy of Reading [Lesson No: 2, 7, 8; Poem No:14, 15, 16] and Grammar, Composition
  CC 606 Introduction to Romantic & Victorian Age
  CC 607 Introduction to Modern Age
  CC 608 Indian literature in English Translation
  CC 609 Literary Criticism & Theories
  CC 610 Spoken English