Prin. Dr. Babubhai J Chaudhari ( M. A., Ph.D. English)

Education helps us to learn how to live and how to get livelihood. We equally focus on them both. How to live is related to values and livelihood to employability.
We are aware that only Bachelor’s Degree either in Arts or Commerce nowadays, is not enough to build a good career hence, on the one hand we arrange various programs and relate curriculum and extra-curriculum activities to inculcate moral values to create better citizens and human beings on the other hand develop entrepreneur skills and equip them with necessary skills by computer courses, English Language Courses to enhance employability without charging huge fees.
We also know that in the world of growing competition, it is very difficult for the students of rural background to compete with their urban counter parts. Urban students have a world of opportunities and means while the students of rural area neither have opportunities nor sufficient means to cope with the world. We constantly strive to bring out their latent capabilities and inculcate self –confidence in them by various ways.
We use the best and latest technology like computers, internet, LED TVs in the class-room teaching. We create an atmosphere which make them familiar with the latest technology encourage them to use this technology.
We have adopted student-centric teaching methodology. In this way of teaching students are at the center instead of conventional teacher-centric method. This method helps us to bring out innate capabilities of the students.
We try to polish the rough and crude but natural talent of the rural students. Cultural, intellectual and sports activities are the means of it.
Our “Career Oriented Courses” enhances the employability of our students.
Prin.Dr. Babubhai J Chaudhari